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[Studies and early careers]
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University studies

When Dahl began his studies (1949, University of Oslo) at university, computing science did not exist as a discipline but as a part of mathematics, and the central tool was the computer (programmed in machine language and not higher programming languages), the development of which was just beginning. So Dahl's decision was obvious, considering his great talents in mathematics. He had a part-time job at the Institute of Defense Research in Oslo throughout his studies and after finishing his Masters degree in numerical mathematics, he started working there full time.

He had a relaxed attitude regarding his ambitions while at university. Lots of hours were spent playing cards and he also spent a lot of time with his musical friend. Apart from arriving too late for a physics examination one day, he completed his studies in a satisfactory way.


Factors which influenced his academic career

When he had to do his compulsory military service as a young man, he was assigned to the Institute of Defense Research in Oslo. This was the place were computing science first blossomed in Norway. The head of the Institute, Jan V. Garwick, had set up a creative scientific milieu of high standards and he knew how to stimulate, develop and use Dahl's mathematical talents. Throughout his life Dahl had great respect and love for Garwick, both as a professional and as a person, and Garwick became a very important father figure who nurtured Dahl's talents. He had an important impact on him as a professional "midwife". It was here that Dahl came into contact with Kristen Nygaard, five years his senior. Throughout his time at university, he worked part-time at this institute and after finishing his studies, he started working there full time.

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