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Date and place of birth/death arrow Dahl was born on 12th October, 1931 in Mandal, a little town on the south coast of Norway.
arrow Due to his illness - lymphatic cancer - he died on 29th June ,2002, at Asker, Norway.
Family background arrow His father and males relatives on both sides were captains with long traditions going back to the sailing vessels which traveled all over the world.
arrow His mother was an intelligent woman that played the piano but with little formal education who stayed at home as housewife and mother throughout her life.
arrow Dahl had a brother and a sister nine and fourteen years younger than him respectively.
arrow He married in 1963 with Tove Torghet.
Education arrow 1942-1957, MS in Numerical Mathematics, University of Oslo.
Employment arrow In 1952 Dahl began his work at the Norvegian Defense Research Establishment NDRE under the leadership of Jan Garwick, the founding father of Norwegian informatics.
arrow In 1963 Dahl left the NDRE and joined Nygaard Kristen at NR (Norwegian Computing Centre) which was a semi-governmental research institute.
arrow In 1968 Ole-Johan Dahl was invited to be a full professor to create the discipline of computer science at the University of Oslo.
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